The Paramus P.B.A. is a labor union comprised of police officers and police supervisors of the Paramus Police Department located in Northern New Jersey, Bergen County. We have been incorporated and serving our members and the public since 1969. Prior to 1969 members of the police department were associated and represented by PBA Local 102, a combined group of area departments. 

As the bargaining agent for the Paramus Police Officers, we negotiate labor contracts with the Borough, ensure compliance, and take necessary action to protect the officers when needed. As the labor union, we strive to protect the rights of all employees of the Paramus Police Department according to our labor contract, department rules and regulations, and local and Federal law.

The Paramus Police Officers are dedicated to serving and protecting the community where we live and work. We are committed to the prevention of crime, protection of life and property, safety, enforcement of laws and ordinances and the safeguarding of constitutional rights and guarantees.

We hope you find the website interesting and informative. We will be updating the site often to keep the public and our officers informed. We also welcome any suggestions to improve our site.

President Michael Cebulski